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About Siddhalaya

Siddhalaya focuses on the health needs of the society and a holistic approach is used in the treatment of diseases. The line of treatment in Siddhalaya is unique. It is based on the experience and clinical knowledge of 6 generations of Siddha practicioners starting from Valangai Puli Pandithar, who lived near Coutrallam, about 400 years ago. This clinical experience of the ancestors have been documented on palm leaves and handed over to the current generation of Siddha Physicians at Siddhalaya. According to Siddhars “ Unave Marunthu, Marunthe Unave”, meaning food is medicine and medicine is food. In accordance to this statement, the line of treatment at Siddhalaya combines traditional siddha remedies along with dietary food supplements. The role of lifestyle management and yoga asanas are also stressed for healthy living.