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“Medicine means the prevention of physical illness;
Medicine means the prevention of mental illness;
Prevention means to avert illness;
Medicine therefore is the prevention of death”



“Siddha Medicine” means medicine that is perfect. Siddha medicine revitalizes and rejuvenates dysfunctional organs that cause the disease and strives to maintain the ratio of the three humors namely Vatha, Pitha and kapha. Diet and lifestyle also play a major role in Siddha Medicine. This concept of “do’s and don’ts” is termed as Pathyam and Apathyam.

The primary aim of Siddha medicine has always been to evolve drugs that could arrest the decay of the body, as preserving the body without disease and ageing is essential for realizing the Truth- ‘Atman’ residing within the body. This could not be achieved by drugs which themselves are subject to decay such as drugs of vegetable origin. Thus the preparation of medicines using ingredients of metal and mineral origin, which do not lose their potency with the lapse of time, is justified. Medicines in the Siddha system could be classified into three groups – Thavaram (herbal), Thathu (inorganic substances) and Jangamam (animal products). The medicines used were further classified on the basis of five properties namely Suvai (taste), Guna (Character), Veerya (potency), Pirivu(class) and Mahimai (special action). Intricate details of various drugs like water soluble in-organic substances, minerals, metals& alloys, natural stones, their ores, availability, synthetic preparation, purification process, medicine preparation etc. are enumerated in Siddha classics.